a team of healthcare leaders dedicated to make Compassion more present in healthcare experiences


          WE ARE consultants with track records of successfully aiding physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare practitioners in navigating changes created by expanded government regulations, managed care, and technology advancementsthumbnail_img_4573

WE ARE volunteers who have contributed more than 1000 hours in the hosting of Compassionate Louisville’s Healthcare Constellation.


WE ARE “Connectors” to other community partners who have adopted Compassion practices and who want to explore how our collective impact might spark innovation in addressing health concerns that invite a more Compassionate response.




Consulting work “opens our eyes” to the impact substance use has on health outcomes for rural pediatric patients.

ChooseWell co-founder assumes the role as the “host” for Compassionate Louisville’s Healthcare Constellation.

ChooseWell Co-Founder dedicates MPH practicum to understanding the impact of community support on health outcomes in young families.



who-we-are-4ChooseWell affirms its resolution as a Compassionate Healthcare Organization and affirms the Charter for Compassion.

ChooseWell begins an 18-month volunteer collaboration with Volunteers of America to introduce holistic health practices to families led by pregnant/post-partum mothers in Freedom House recovery program.





ChooseWell Communities, Inc., is formed.

ChooseWell Communities receives 501(c)3 designation as a charitable organization.




Volunteers of America integrates several of ChooseWell’s health interventions into Freedom House recovery programming.

ChooseWell founders/volunteers follow Freedom House “alums” through re-entry to independent living and bear witness to social/environmental challenges that compromise health and sobriety.

iChooseWell Program receives partial funding  from The Humana Foundation for residents/graduates of the Freedom House program.





Louisville Metro Housing Authority recognizes the promise of Project Thrive and issues a limited number of Section 8 housing vouchers for families committed to the program.  The first 10 “Founding Mothers” are welcomed into the program and commit to raising their infants in safe, healthy and drug-free homes at least through year three.  In July, 2016, HUD awards 60 additional housing vouchers to the Project Thrive pilot project.




ChooseWell Communities begins collaborations with New Directions Housing Corporation  and The Healing Place, expanding the number of families served to 17.  New Directions invites ChooseWell to occupy office space in one of their properties.  ChooseWell’s new headquarters – affectionately known as the “Thrive Hive” moves to the Portland neighborhood.   Collaboration begins with Jewish Career and Family Services to engage budding entrepreneurs in business plan development.



ChooseWell and Creative Spirits Behavioral Health collaborate to provide on-site. embedded mental health, case management and peer support to families participating in the Project Thrive housing pilot.

ChooseWell is selected as the focus Compassionate Organization by the Women Who Wine for a Cause and begins building bridges between Project Thrive Founding Mothers and a broad network of business and professional women.

ChooseWell collaborates with Bernheim Arboretum on the Seeds of Urban Play free play initiative.  Three Project Thrive Founding Mothers are trained as free play facilitators thanks to funding from Brown-Forman.