In 2016 CWC began design work on its iChooseWellToo program.  iChooseWellToo offers developmentally appropriate children’s programming that complements iChoosWell programming offered to parents.  iChooseWellToo reinforces the same healthy habits that the mothers are learning with the children through creativity and relationships.


Watermelon Smiles


Reindeer Fruit Art

iChooseWellToo creates meaningful relationships with the children and introduces them to healthy living concepts, specifically in areas of nutrition, physical activity, and mindfulness. The program engages the children in hands-on activities with healthy food and food preparation; encourages pride in healthy food choices; and provides exposure to fruits and vegetables in a positive environment. Creating a stimulating and pleasurable social and emotional experience centered on health and wellness with the children fosters positive attitudes towards behaviors around consumption of fruits and vegetables as well as movement for both mother and child.
iChooseWellToo will also engage and train high school and post-secondary students as health coaches/mentors who will model and support positive health behaviors – anticipating the unique needs of children in families navigating the disease of addiction.

To our knowledge there is no program similar to iChooseWellToo in the Louisville area. iChooseWellToo focuses solely on the children of a single-parent woman-led household while the mother is working toward recovery. Additionally, iCWT2 focuses on non-clinical factors related to health and well being.