Thrive Tribe Youth Council

The Thrive Tribe Youth Council is a service tribe that aims to provide mentorship and childcare to the children of the mothers involved in ChooseWell’s Project Thrive.

This council consists of inspired young adults, ages 14-22, who will work closely with, build relationship, and aim to positively influence the children of these women. This will occur through the council creating kid-friendly events, attending activities in our local area, and the use of mentorship. It will also include interactive lessons for the children focused on themes including positivity, healthy foods, nature, exercise, and manners.

Members of the Thrive Tribe Youth Council attend one meeting a month with fellow members and organizer of the council, Kri Majesty, to discuss upcoming events and goals. Additionally, they attend at least one event a month with Project Thrive and provide impactful, passionate childcare.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Thrive Tribe Youth Council then you can fill out the application linked below BEFORE July 14, 2017. You may contact:

Director of Recruitment – Hannah Martin at (502)500-4039 or [email protected]

Organizer of Thrive Tribe – Kri Majesty or (502)415-9045 or [email protected]

Link to application: